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Is It a Cold or Pediatric Allergies?

March 9, 2022
Is It a Cold or Pediatric Allergies? -

If you live in San Antonio, you’ve more than likely started to experience the signs that spring is coming. The weather is beginning to change, it’s not getting dark as soon, and for some of us, the allergies are in full effect. This time of year is always a beautiful time but also one where we see allergies in kids begin to flare up.

While pediatric allergies may be a problem in your household, the last thing we want is for children to be forced to remain inside, preventing them from getting exercise and their daily dose of sunshine. That’s why our San Antonio pediatric services include pediatric allergy management as well as educational information for parents to help keep their kids healthy and active.

Pediatric Allergy Symptoms

While allergies can develop at any time in childhood and even in adulthood, we usually begin seeing allergies in kids between the ages of two and five. What may look like a cold brought on by the changing of the seasons, might actually be pediatric allergies. Fortunately, there are symptoms and signs to keep an eye out for that will help you determine if it’s time to bring your child to their San Antonio pediatrician

Your family history is the first determinant of whether or not your child is in need of San Antonio pediatrics for an allergy test. If you have a family history of allergies or skin sensitivities, chances are your child may have inherited them. 

In regards to their illness, if they have persistent congestion that doesn’t subside after a week, have watery or itchy eyes, a rash that appears on any part of the body, or their symptoms do not include a fever or body aches, pediatric allergies could be the culprit. If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, our San Antonio pediatric services will determine if it’s time to visit an allergy specialist for testing.

How To Manage Allergies in Kids

Following a visit to their allergist for pediatric allergies, your child may be prescribed medicine to help manage the symptoms. However, there are also a few things you can do to help your child navigate spring with allergies. 

If your child is severely congested, a warm bath or steam treatments to help break up and drain the mucus. We also suggest purchasing a humidifier for your child’s bedroom. This next tip may seem a little unconventional, but spicy food is known for clearing out nasal passages by thinning out the mucus (just like when you consume hot wings!). It’s worth a try to have your child try mild spicy food to help break up the congestion. This next tip is less than ideal as we want our children to stay active, but if your child has severe allergies we suggest keeping your child inside on windy days or high-pollen days. 

Don’t Let Pediatric Allergies Stop Your Child From Enjoying Their Spring Break

If your child is sick and you’ve ruled out a cold as the culprit, it might be time to bring them in to see our San Antonio pediatrician so that our San Antonio pediatric services can determine if they need to visit an allergy specialist. Keep your child healthy and happy during their (and your) spring break – contact us for an appointment at 210.561.1551!

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