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Autism spectrum disorder is among one of the most common developmental differences in children today. We begin formal screening at age 18 months during well child exams, however, if any signs of Autism present prior to that age we will also address it at that time.

If your child is diagnosed with Autism, we are equipped to ensure that he or she is plugged in with any needed resources. This may include a referral to a developmental Pediatrician or other Autism specialist. Most children on the spectrum also benefit from therapies. These may include ABA therapy (applied behavioral analysis), Speech therapy, Occupational therapy and/or Physical therapy. Early therapy has been shown to help the child thrive at home and in school situations and can be instrumental in decreasing harmful behaviors and increasing helpful behaviors.

School accommodations are also recommended and can be tailored to each specific child’s needs. We will provide a letter for your school which will help initiate the process to provide your child with an IEP ( individualized education plan).

We will also recommend several reputable websites and books to help along your journey.

We are advocates for your child and proudly partner with each parent to help their child achieve their full potential.

Follow up with your Pediatrician is recommended at least every 6 months to ensure all needs are being met and follow development.

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