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4 Things You Need to Do Before School Starts

June 30, 2021
4 Things You Need to Do Before School Starts -

Back to school season is approaching quickly, so now is the time for parents to get the to-do list started. Parents and caregivers often make multiple shopping trips for school supplies, backpacks, school shoes and other items. Another important trip you don’t want to forget is  your child’s health care provider.

Here are 4 things you need to do before school starts:

  1. Get the kids up-to-date on immunizations and get vaccine records 

    Back-to-School vaccines are important to help protect your kid. Schedule a wellness exam to make sure you kids are up-to-date on all the required vaccines before school starts. Parsi Pediatrics strongly supports that all children and young adults should receive all recommended vaccines according to the guidelines provided by both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). During your child’s visit, our physicians can address any of the questions and concerns you have regarding vaccines.

  2. Prepare school health forms

    The school health forms provide critical information to the school about your child. Let the school know about health conditions such as asthma, food/bug allergies, and chronic conditions. If your child is managing a chronic health condition, there may be additional health forms to help communicate how to support your child in the school setting. Please bring all school forms to the next appointment (including asthma action plan, physical forms, allergy action plan, medication form, healthcare provider clearance form, etc.). In the event your child does not have an appointment, you may contact Parsi Pediatrics at 210.561.1551 to arrange for one of our providers to complete the requested paperwork. We do request at least 3 business days to complete it, and it is subject to an additional fee.

  3. Developmental screening (Autism, Speech, etc) 
    By doing a developmental screening, families can check their child’s development and address any potential concerns. It’s estimated that 1 in 7 children are affected by some form of developmental delays, disorder, or behavioral problem. Only a small percentage are identified as needing help before school begins. Intervention before kindergarten has huge benefits to help set children up for future success.
  4. Re-establish good habits for school

    Not all to-do items require a physician visit. A new school year is a great time to revisit goals and re-establish good habits — for kids and their parents. Many families struggle with re-establishing a routine. Getting your child adjusted to a wake/sleep schedule a couple weeks before school will help with a smooth transaction on the first day of school.

    It is also important to reduce screen time especially before bed. In the digital age, that might seem like a challenge as many children have homework assignments that require computers or tablets. However, the American Board of Pediatrics says that it’s best to limit recreational screen time to no more than two hours a day, especially before bed, to help children get the best sleep.

Going back to school can be stressful for families, and as parents, we have the ability to help ease the transition in small but meaningful ways. Getting the proper amount of sleep, scheduling wellness checkups, and eating nutritious food can help get your school year off to a healthy start.

When you are ready to schedule your kids wellness exam, call us at 210.561.1551 to make an appointment.  Parsi Pediatrics is your local pediatrician in San Antonio providing the best comprehensive and high quality care for kids. Visit  our office in San Antonio to find the right pediatrician for your child.

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