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Does Your Child Have Fall Allergies?

September 14, 2021
Does Your Child Have Fall Allergies? -

Texas. A beautiful state filled with gorgeous landscape, perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors. But nothing is without its imperfections and for our great state, that unfortunately includes seasonal allergies. This time of year, fall allergies are hitting adults and kids alike, however, with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, it might be hard to tell which ailment your child is being affected by as some of the symptoms are very similar.

To help keep your child healthy and happy during this allergy season, we’re going to provide you with information on symptoms, possible causes, and what you can do to treat the symptoms, especially focusing on staying in control of their childhood asthma.

First, let’s figure out if it’s fall allergies or COVID-19.

With the rampant spread of the new variant, any symptoms of illness can be worrisome. And when some of the symptoms of this disease are similar to those of allergies. These symptoms include a runny nose, dry cough, and congestion. Additionally, allergies can sometimes make the sufferer feel a tightness in their chest as well as make it difficult to breathe. If these are the symptoms your child is exhibiting but you’re still not sure if it’s allergies or something worse, there’s a tell-tale sign that will give it away: itching.

Allergies trigger Histamine, a naturally occurring substance in the body. When Histamine is released, it can cause itching in our eyes, ears, throat, and skin. If you notice that itching is one of the symptoms of their illness, there’s a good chance that fall allergies may be the culprit. It’s important to note that it’s never a bad idea to bring your child in for a check-up, just to be sure.

Allergies are problematic for any sufferer but are especially troublesome for those with asthma.

Regardless of which ailment your child is suffering from, it’s vital that their asthma treatments are kept up with. Unfortunately, the same allergens that trigger allergic reactions are also the same ones that can cause asthma to flare up. To keep this from happening, we highly recommend getting the symptoms under control at the first sign with pediatric allergy treatments.

Pediatric allergy treatments come in a few different forms, each designed to reduce your child’s immune system response during an allergic reaction. Some treatment options not only treat childhood asthma symptoms but can treat allergy symptoms as well.

In South Texas where allergies are not uncommon, getting your child’s asthma and allergies under control might seem like a big undertaking. However, with the right treatments, right care, and, of course, the right pediatrician, it’s absolutely not impossible.

What should you do next?

With the uncertainty of COVID-19, the appearance of some of the symptoms mentioned can make it difficult to determine if your child is sick or if they’re suffering from childhood allergies, especially if allergies have not been present before. The first thing to do is rule out any serious illness.

Once all diseases that are contagious have been ruled out, it’s a good idea to have an allergen test performed on your child. An allergen test will determine exactly what your child is allergic to, allowing your pediatrician to prescribe appropriate treatment options for both their childhood allergies and childhood asthma. The results of an allergen test will also give you, the parent, the opportunity to steer your child clear of some of these allergens as well as help you recognize the onset of allergies as well as a possible asthma attack.

With fall allergies in full effect, it’s a great time to determine whether your child is suffering from allergies as well as develop a treatment plan in case they are. If you’re ready to have your child tested for allergies, contact us today at 210.561.1551 to set up an appointment. At Parsi Pediatrics , our goal is to ensure your child is provided with the utmost care while giving you the information and tools to assist in keeping your child healthy all year round. We look forward to meeting you and your child!

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