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When It’s Time For Your Child to See Their San Antonio Pediatrician

October 17, 2022
When It’s Time For Your Child to See Their San Antonio Pediatrician -

Did you know that there are more than 100 viruses that can cause the common cold? It may sound a little scary but there’s some good news. Throughout the years, our San Antonio Parsi Pediatric services have provided treatment to children that have been exposed to these viruses and we’re happy to say that once exposed, they develop an immunity to them. 

Before a child reaches the age of two, they can have anywhere up to 20 colds. Yes, it’s quite a bit but allowing them to be exposed to these cold-causing viruses will reduce their susceptibility to these viruses in the future. Better immune systems mean better health and less stress for all. Win-win! 

While it is ok for your children to be exposed to these viruses, there are times when the illness can be a little too much for your child. With the varying symptoms that these viruses cause, how do you know when your child needs the help of a San Antonio pediatrician?

When a Cold is More Than a Cold

There are several cold symptoms that are the most familiar such as congestion, runny noses, and coughing. For the most part, these don’t really require the care of a San Antonio pediatrician as they can typically be nursed with plenty of fluids, a little soup, and a lot of rest. There are times, though, when a cold can transform into something more concerning and San Antonio pediatric services become your child’s best defense.

If your child is under three months old it’s a good idea to bring them to their San Antonio pediatrician. Children are the most vulnerable in their first few months of life so, for any illness, it’s a good idea to enlist the help of San Antonio pediatrics. 

Young children have a fever threshold of 100.4 degrees while older children can tolerate a fever that’s just a tad higher. Either way, should your child’s fever exceed 100.4 degrees, or if a lower fever does not dissipate within 72 hours, it’s imperative that your child see their San Antonio pediatrician right away.

While this one may sound ideal for a parent, if you aren’t having to change their diaper roughly every six hours, it’s time to visit Parsi Pediatrics in San Antonio. This could be a sign that your child may need medical care. Colds tend to affect appetites which can lead to dehydration in children.  

Difficulties in breathing and signs of ear pain are also causes to seek the assistance of San Antonio pediatric services. Unfortunately, some of the symptoms associated with a cold can worsen causing ear infections and breathing impediments. 

Your biggest defense against your child’s cold is your instincts as a parent. As their parent, you know when your child’s behavior is out of the ordinary. We’re in the thick of cold and flu season, so if your child is experiencing symptoms of either and they appear to be affecting your child’s overall health and behavior, contact your San Antonio pediatrician at Parsi Pediatrics today at 210.561.1551. Our nurturing and caring staff will diagnose your child, treat their symptoms, and get them back to their normal selves as quickly as possible.

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