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It’s the best time of the year, back to school!

August 12, 2022
It’s the best time of the year, back to school! -

We say it every year: “It’s already time for back to school!”. Time has flown by and we are back at the beginning of another school year. For parents it can be a hectic time, having to worry about school supplies, new clothes, and scheduling their visit with their San Antonio pediatrician to receive back-to-school immunizations or pediatric sports physicals. But these preparations are vital to the child’s success both in the classroom and in life.

Whether you’re sending your child to school for the first time or are simply looking for ways to help make your child’s school year a great one, these back-to-school tips will help you keep your child healthy, happy, and well-rested.

Helping Your Child Get Ready for School

The first thing our San Antonio pediatrics practice likes to see is that your child is getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep in a child can severely affect their mood, resulting in poor academics and the possibility of sinking into a depression. Summer is the time of year when sleep schedules go to the waste side and children stay up later than they normally would during the school year.

How much sleep a child should get really depends on the child but our San Antonio pediatric services recommend nine or 10 hours a night. A few weeks before they head back to school, we suggest having them go to bed earlier so they can be ready for the early wake times during the school year. 

Next, it’s important to focus on their nutrition, as proper nutrition is vital for their health and academic success. Our San Antonio pediatrics practice suggests they eat five servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Further, it’s important that your child never skip breakfast and that their breakfast is healthy and nutritious. They should also eat dinner early so as to not disrupt their sleep schedule.

At Parsi Pediatrics, we are big about your child getting plenty of exercise. Children need exercise every day as it will help them feel better, sleep better, and perform better in school. Even if your child participates in P.E., getting them moving or participating in extracurricular sports will keep their joints healthy and help prevent everyday injuries. Keeping your child active will also decrease the likelihood that they will have issues with obesity down the road. 

At our San Antonio pediatrics practice, we encourage parents to keep their kids moving not only during the summer but all year long, whether it’s at home or at school. Additionally, as part of our pediatric services, we offer pediatric sports physicals for children who are participating in sports activities.

Finally, we recommend bringing your child in to see their San Antonio pediatrician to ensure all school vaccinations are up-to-date as, for most schools, this is a requirement.

There’s quite a bit to think about when preparing your child for school, and we hope these tips have helped with that preparation. If you’re in need of a San Antonio pediatrician to administer your child’s vaccination, contact us at 210.561.1551. We offer a variety of pediatric services to ensure your child has a healthy and happy school year!

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