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Did you know that Asthma is the most common chronic respiratory condition in childhood and accounts for many ER visits and 1 out of 3 hospitalizations in children?

The great news is that Asthma can be well controlled with the correct medications and avoidance of triggers!

Symptoms of asthma in children vary but commonly include chronic cough, shortness of breath, chest tightness or chest pain. Children with seasonal allergies and atopic dermatitis (eczema) are at higher risk for developing asthma.

If your child has asthma (or you suspect they might), make an appointment today.

Your Pediatrician can diagnose asthma based on your child’s symptoms as well as a thorough physical exam and possibly a trial of a medication called albuterol.

Your child may also benefit from in-office Pulmonary Function Testing (PFTs) which can help diagnose and classify your child’s asthma.

We recommend routine follow up every 3 months for well controlled Asthma due to the fact that symptoms of asthma can change over time based on many factors. These include the changing seasons, airborne allergens, compliance with medications, illnesses and many others. It is very important to keep your scheduled Asthma follow up to ensure your child’s asthma is well controlled.

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