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Mental Health – Anxiety/ Depression

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Mental Health – Anxiety/ Depression - Parsi Pediatrics

The mental well being of your child or teen is at the core of their overall health. Apart from our routine screening for anxiety and depression at wellness check ups, we also encourage parents and teens to make an appointment to discuss mental health concerns at any point they deem necessary.

Anxiety and Depression in teens and young adults is quite common and is not something to be ignored. Our board certified Pediatricians are well trained in diagnosing and managing many mental health disorders including anxiety, depression, adjustment disorder and others. From finding the right Pediatric psychologists or therapist for your child to starting antidepressant (SSRI) medications if needed, you will swiftly get the evidence based care your child needs.

All of our Pediatricians also work closely with Pediatric Psychiatrists if a higher level of expertise is needed. If an appointment with a psychiatrist cannot be made for several months, your child will still get excellent care. Our Pediatricians participate in the CPAN (Child Psychiatry Access Network) and can quickly consult a Pediatric Psychiatrist about your child’s specific needs if needed. This means not having to wait months for input from a psychiatrist.

Follow up for mental health and medication management is every 3 months or more frequent if needed.

We encourage parents to talk to your teen and check in with how they are feeling. If you notice red flags such as withdrawing from social groups and family, lack of enjoyment in previously liked activities, changes in sleep and eating patterns or any persistent changes in personality, please call for an appointment. Together we can de-stigmatize mental health disorders and help our children thrive.

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