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For Breastfeeding Support Services, Your San Antonio Pediatrician is Here

February 15, 2023
For Breastfeeding Support Services, Your San Antonio Pediatrician is Here -

With the excitement of bringing a newborn into the home, it’s possible to overlook some of the challenges that arise with the introduction of a baby. One of those challenges is infant feeding, either breast, bottle, or both. While most mothers have a goal of breastfeeding their children, for some, it can be a little difficult. Successful breastfeeding is not without its difficulties including infant latching, breast infections, low milk supply, and various other demands on a new mom.

Bonding with your baby should be a joyful time, and if breastfeeding is making that time a stressful one, it’s important to know this is not a situation you have to navigate alone. Your San Antonio pediatricians at Parsi Pediatrics are here to support you every step of the way. We recognize that breastfeeding may not be right for every family so no matter what you decide, we’re here to help you and your baby thrive.

Breastfeeding Support Services

Our San Antonio pediatrics sees three phases of learning to breastfeed: latching, feeding, and routine. These three phases will help soon-to-be as well as new mothers get an idea of what breastfeeding will look like and if it’s something they will participate in. Let’s begin with latching.

Newborns are designed to require very little milk in their very first few days of life. This is a perfect opportunity for mothers who want to breastfeed to focus on their babies latching properly. Our San Antonio pediatrics describes this as your baby’s lips being flanged wide apart with the nipple of the breast being in the back of their mouth as opposed to between their lips.

Should it hurt or pinch through feeding, chances are the latch is wrong and should be corrected. To do this, our San Antonio pediatrician suggests opening your baby’s mouth wide and supporting their head close to the breast to achieve a proper latch. Having your baby latch as early as possible after delivery and at least 10 to 12 times daily will increase your chances of breastfeeding success.

Next, your San Antonio pediatrician at Parsi Pediatrics recommends focusing on eating. Breast milk comes in three or four days after delivery and will feel full before feeding and, hopefully, soften after feeding. Your baby should eat 15 to 30 minutes per side as opposed to the brief feedings of the first few days. If your baby has learned to latch properly, they will continue to eat every two to three hours and, eventually, stop losing weight and start to gain a half to one ounce daily. 

Finally, our San Antonio pediatric services recommend focusing on a routine. As your baby grows, how you feed your baby will change. With those changes, it’s important to develop a routine with each change so that your baby can quickly adapt and continue to receive their nutritional needs. 

As beautiful a moment as it is, breastfeeding can prove difficult for some women. It’s important to know that it is not your fault and you are not alone. If you’re a new mother or are a soon-to-be new mother and want to learn more about breastfeeding, contact our office to schedule an appointment. We offer breastfeeding support services and are available to answer any questions you may have regarding newborns, your pregnancy, or any other question you may have. Contact us today at 210.561.1551!

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