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Pediatric Mental Health and Physical Health Go Hand-in-Hand

July 11, 2022
Pediatric Mental Health and Physical Health Go Hand-in-Hand -

It’s no secret that regular check-ups for children are one of the best ways to keep your child healthy and thriving. Beyond their physical health, regular check-ups also play an integral role in monitoring their pediatric mental health as, essentially, physical health and mental health often go hand-in-hand. 

With children being exposed to a variety of influential images and figures, both in-person and online, it’s important that as parents we’re doing our best to monitor when this exposure begins to affect their mental health. If you’ve noticed your child is frequently worried, has meltdowns before or after school, or is often agitated, restless, or experiences unexplained headaches and stomachaches, it might be time to seek out our San Antonio pediatric services for a check-up.

How Your San Antonio Pediatrician Protects Your Child’s Mental Health

At the first sign of worrisome behavior or even a change in their physical health, it’s important to schedule an appointment with your San Antonio pediatrician. As part of their San Antonio pediatrics training, pediatricians undergo training in several health fields as they are exposed to a variety of cases that they need to be prepared for.

To determine the pediatric mental health of your child, your San Antonio pediatrician will begin by speaking to your child to identify any prominent symptoms. Next, they will involve immediate family members to determine which events can trigger a change in the behavior of the child. Disorders that affect the pediatric mental health of a child can sometimes be hard to pinpoint particularly in younger children as they can have difficulty articulating what’s wrong. Further, depression, anxiety, ADHD, and learning disorders can have similar symptoms so it’s imperative that your San Antonio pediatrician gather as much information as possible for a proper diagnosis.

Following your child’s assessment, your San Antonio pediatrician at Parsi Pediatrics will determine a course of action which could include additional San Antonio pediatric services from a psychologist.

Pediatric Mental Health and Your Child’s Development

According to the Child Mind Institute, every year at least 17 million children in the US are affected by pediatric mental health issues. As painful a thought it can be, when a child begins exhibiting symptoms it’s important to consider San Antonio pediatric services as they could be experiencing a problem with their mental health.

Without proper care, pediatric mental health disorders can take a toll on a child’s overall well-being. Certain disorders can cause fatigue, bowel irritation, migraines, and difficulty concentrating which can spill over into their daily lives and affect everything from their childhood friendships to their school work. So, it’s important to seek our services in San Antonio at Parsi Pediatrics at the first sign of pediatric mental health symptoms.

Focused on Your Child’s Overall Health

At Parsi Pediatrics, we’re committed to protecting your child’s health. In addition to pediatric mental health, our San Antonio pediatricians are dedicated to protecting your child from COVID. When you bring your child in for their check-up, we recommend vaccinating your child to protect them from the virus and keep them healthy and happy. 

For more information on our San Antonio Parsi Pediatric services or to schedule your child’s wellness check-up, contact us today at 210.561.1551!

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