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Pediatric Vaccines: A Safe Way To Protect Your Child

January 19, 2022
Pediatric Vaccines: A Safe Way To Protect Your Child -

When you’re the parent of young children, you’re aware that illnesses are inevitable. Whether it’s from daycare, the playground, school, or a friend’s house, a child getting sick is bound to happen. While a child being sick can be concerning, there are times when additional attention must be paid to a child during a time of infection. Currently, we are working through a time where San Antonio pediatric services are needed most as the latest COVID variant has been proven to infect children. Depending on the severity and the child’s health status, being infected with the virus could potentially be detrimental to a child’s well-being.

We offer COVID-19 testing for children by appointment. Fortunately, there is a way to help prevent your child from developing serious complications from COVID, and it’s in the form of a pediatric vaccine that is available throughout San Antonio.

Types of Pediatric Vaccines 

As most may know, we are in the thick of flu season while also battling a pandemic. And, unfortunately, it is very possible to contract both the flu and COVID – even children. At our San Antonio pediatrics practice, we offer different types of vaccines to keep your child safe and healthy.

When it comes to pediatric vaccines for influenza, there are two available: a pediatric flu shot and a nasal spray. When it comes to both, there is really no preference as both do a great job of protecting your child from the effects of influenza. As the area’s preferred San Antonio pediatrician, we recommend having your child receive a pediatric flu shot as young as 6 months old as well as having them receive it in September or October of the respective year, if possible.

A common and understandable concern amongst parents is having their child receive a pediatric flu shot as well as the COVID vaccine. Our San Antonio pediatrics practice can assure you that if your child is eligible for the COVID vaccine, it is perfectly safe for them to receive a pediatric flu shot and a COVID pediatric vaccine at the same time.

The Benefits of Pediatric Flu Shots and The COVID Pediatric Vaccine

Because the flu is so common, it’s easy to forget that it can be detrimental to a child’s health, with thousands of children being hospitalized from the flu each year. The pandemic has increased the chances of your child needing our San Antonio pediatric services. A pediatric flu shot and COVID pediatric vaccine is the best way to protect your child from the infection, especially if your child is immunocompromised. In the event your child manages to contract the flu, vaccination will reduce the severity of the illness, which is particularly beneficial for children that are asthmatic. 

Additionally, our San Antonio pediatrics practice encourages vaccination as it also protects those who are around your children and are vulnerable. Further, a pediatric flu shot and the COVID pediatric vaccine will significantly reduce the number of sick days experienced during the year.

As your child’s San Antonio pediatrician, our goal is to keep them safe and healthy year-round so they can continue to grow and become the healthy, productive adults they were meant to be. For more information on pediatric flu shots, pediatric vaccines and other San Antonio pediatric services, contact us at 210.561.1551 to schedule an appointment.

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